Hello and thank you for choosing to be with me today!!  My name is Audrey Doller and I joined MK in February of 1992 at the age of 18.  I was a college student and working as a office assistant part time when I joined this company.  I had been using Mary Kay since I was 15 and loved the product.  My consultant and recruiter Senior Director Sherry Bukovcan had always told me since she met me that one day I would be GREAT at this business. She was RIGHT!!!  I became a Sales Director July 1995 and went full-time with this business.  I earned my first car that year and was so excited!!


The next full year as a Sales Director our unit earned the pink Grand Prix and went on to earn another pink Grand Prix.  Then in 1999 our unit earned the prestigious Pink Cadillac and I am currently driving my 6th Pink Cadillac!!!! I am so proud of all the accomplishments our unit has completed.  Our unit was apart of the $300,000 Unit Club 4x,  $400,000 unit Club 1x, $450,00 1x, $500,000 Unit Club 3x  $550,000 2x and  $600,000 1x and our highest year was completing the $700,000 Unit Club earning an all expense paid trip on a Mediterranean Cruise to Italy, Greece and Turkey for me and my husband Rob. 

My Directors have taught me so much and I’m so proud to be their Future National Sales Director!!  I love what National Sales Director Linda Toupin says, “You are where you are based on the choices that you have made or that you have allowed others to make for you.”  My prayer for you is that TODAY you make a decision to choose success.

Blessings and Belief,
Audrey Doller
Future National Sales Director


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